Netizen Lectures VP Leni How To Distinguish A 'Troll' From A Critic, Interesting!

"A troll trolls for no reason while a critic criticizes your decisions."
leni robredo
Last year's tweet of Vice President Leni Robredo where she said,

dont mind the trolls
up to this moment is still viral on social media.

The tweet was made after several Duterte supporters criticized VP Robredo for her lame excuse for not canceling or postponing her personal vacation in the US while her hometown was being ravaged by Typhoon Nina.

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Just recently, Mamshies' Facebook page shared the viral tweet of VP Robredo while lecturing her the difference between a 'troll' and a 'critic'.

Please read.
To the VP, all forms of criticism is labeled "trolling".

To reiterate the point in my earlier writings, there is a big difference between a troll and critic.

A troll deliberately attacks you without basis. Call you names, curses you and maligns you without reason.

A critic, on the other hand calls you out for errors you have done. Attacks your actions not you as a person. Point out your flaws in handling situations.

In short, a troll trolls for no reason while a critic criticizes your decisions.

Mam Leni, learn how to distinguish a troll from a critic.

Be ACCOUNTABLE for your actions and decisions.

You are a PUBLIC SERVANT, thus, many eyes are on you. WATCHING, OBSERVING, DISCERNING.
Meanwhile, last Friday, February 3, GMA News TV segment, News To Go, interviewed Vice-president Robredo and asked if she had a message for President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters who “hate” her.

She responded with this answer.

Hindi na ko mag-me-message kasi I think it’s a lost cause. It’s a lost cause in the sense that, hindi naman nila ako kilala pero meron na silang judgments at yung judgments nila, hindi naman totoo

Siguro, mag-me-mensahe lang ako sa bukas pa pero itong mga karamihan sa kanila, sarado na yung isip so huwag na pag-aksayahan ng panahon.