LOOK: Pakistani Taxi Driver Who Likes Duterte And Speaks Fluently In Filipino Went Viral!

Wonder if Filipino is really his first language. Hahaha!
pakistani driver speaks fluent filipino
A video of a Pakistani taxi driver in Dubai went viral after a Filipino blogger named Kieth Walter Ayuso uploaded it on the social networking site, Facebook.

The pure Pakistani driver whose name is Hussain amazed not just the uploader of the video but also many netizens because he speaks fluently in Filipino.

Hussain said he likes President Duterte because he's courageous. He even cracked a joke telling,

'Pag may nagawa kayong kalokohan isusumbong ko kayo kay Duterte.
He also knows several Pinoy expressions, such as "pak ganern", 'boom panis'', "edi wow" and some tongue twisters like:

  • Pinitik-pitik ni Pakita ang pitaka ni Pakito. 
  • Nakakapagpabagabag.
  • Pitumput-pitong puting tupa.
  • Minimikaniko ni Monico ang makina ni Monica.

When asked who teaches him the Filipino language, Hussain simply said he learned it from his Filipino passengers and because according to him, he's:

tsismoso kaya ang galing-galing kong mag-tagalog.
Kindly watch the video below and prepare to be amazed and laugh as you watch Hussain - the Filipino-speaking Pakistani taxi driver in Dubai.

We heard a lot of foreigners speaking the Filipino language but this Pakistani taxi driver will blow your mind! He's a true blooded Filipino, his tongue twister skill is better than yours! 😂 Wonder if Tagalog is really his first language. Haha! Compliments of the season from me and Hussain! ▪️ FOLLOW ME ONLINE ▪️ Check my website: www.kiethwalter.com Instagram / Twitter: @kiethwalter Facebook Page: Kieth Walter
Posted by Kieth Walter Ayuso on Saturday, December 24, 2016