Blogger Lectures Duterte Critics Who Questions The Expensive Davao City Mobile Garbage Bins

With regards to the issue of procuring expensive mobile garbage bins of the Davao City Government, blogger and staunch supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, Sass Sasot, slammed Duterte's critics and lectured them about this project.
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The Facebook page of Silent No More posted an image with a message telling that in 2007, the Davao City Government under Mayor Rodrigo Duterte bought garbage cans for P200 million.

They said:

Dear Fellow Filipinos,

Galit daw sa corrupt pero siya mismo corrupt!

Bantay Salakay?

davao leaks garbage bins

However, on the Facebook page of Sasot, she made a research about this garbage bins and found out the information below. Kindly read.

#DavaoLeaks pakulo ng Silent No More eh iyong presyo ng mobile garbage bins na Davao City procured. Bakit daw ang mahal.

Ganito po kasi iyan Silent No More, sana nag-research kayo kung anong klaseng mobile garbage bins iyong mga bibilhin para di kayo nagmumukhang tanga at mga pucho-puchong garbage bins ang nasa isip ninyo:

"The city’s CENRO is eyeing to purchase 13,566 mobile garbage bins, 2,375 of which will be used for the collection of biological waste while 1,800 garbage bins will be reserved for use during disasters, special events, and coastal and street clean-up activities as provided under the program. The total budget for the garbage bins is P235.8 million." (See:
Saka mga burikat, pinagbotohan sa Davao City iyong procurement na iyan. Hindi po iyan hocus pocus.

"The city council passed on third reading Tuesday Supplemental Budget 1 (SB1) amounting to P600 million to fund new equipment for the upgrade of the city’s solid waste management program.

The amount would fund the purchase and acquisition of 22 units of garbage compactors worth around P364,135,000 and 13,566 mobile garbage bins worth P235,860,000."


At iyong mga naunang nabili? Gawa po sa Germany iyon at may 8 year warranty:

"Schaefer System International (SSI), are covered by an 8-year warranty, which means the company would repair it from time to time.

Duterte said that other local government units (LGUs) in the country -- including Cebu, Talisay, Mandaue and Quezon City -- have also purchased the same garbage bins from SSI. In 2008, China also reportedly procured garbage bins and other SSI products that were used during the Olympics.

Duterte also noted that many of the country’s top corporations -- like Smart, Nestle, SM Malls, Robinson Malls, Jollibee, De La Salle University and San Sebastian College -- also use SSI’s garbage bins." (

So bigyan niyo kami ng quote ng MOBILE GARBAGE BINS na pang biological waste at pang disasters at special events na ang quality ay kasing ganda ng German made. :)

Bakit hindi niyo i-fact check ang #NagaLeaks? Sino si Chinglo? :P
A commenter from Sasot's post said Duterte critics were just trying to drown the explosive #NagaLeaks.

They are trying to drown the explosive #NagaLeaks. Yun lang yun... Leni's statement in CEBU today just proves that she is agitated to the core with the revelation. -Ryé Valdés
While this commenter revealed that the expensive garbage cans was a recycled issue and the then mayor Duterte already answered it on his TV show "Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa".

Hay na naman yung garbage bins issue..ginamit na yan noon nang mga kalaban niya sa pulitika nung mayor pa si na yan noon ni mayor sa TV show nya every sunday na "Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa".. -Eldie Abelita