Sister Of Emil Aguinaldo Answers Comments On #NagaLeaks Issues Involving His Brother

A screenshot conversation is going viral now on social media after netizens noticed the sister of missing Emil Aguinaldo answering comments about his brother.
emil aguinaldo
As per the conversation, a certain Alma Narciso is the alleged sister of  Emil Aguinaldo.

Thinking Pinoy posted the screenshot of the discussion of Narciso and other netizens on his  Facebook page with this caption.

Ayan na nga ba, nagsalita na ang kapatid ni Emil Aguinaldo.

comment of emil aguinaldo's sister 1

comment of emil aguinaldo's sister 3

comment of emil aguinaldo's sister 3
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According to part 1 chapter 5 of #NagaLeaks exposé published yesterday by We Are Collective (WAC) Facebook page, Emil Aguinaldo is a former councilor and former ally of the late DILG chief and former mayor of Naga City, Jesse Robredo.

Aguinaldo couldn't take Robredo's policy of dictating his council. The writer even described them as "a rubber stamp council" so eventually, Aguinaldo became a vocal critic of Robredo.

The following election, Aguinaldo was removed by Robredo from his line-up.

The #NagaLeaks writer also said that,

He (Aguinaldo) exposed Jesse's anomalies in the media and filed dozens of cases against him. Graft cases in the Ombudsman that numbered more than 50. He scoured the earth for Jesse's alleged hidden properties and established paper trails to prove his case. He was unstoppable. His tenacity was fueled by a deep hatred that turned him into a one man wrecking machine.
However, nothing happened on Robredo's case. WAC claimed that Robredo has a protector at Office of the Ombudsman named Atty Francisco "Pokoy" Felizmenio that's why there were no progress in the cases that Aguinaldo filed.

In 2008, Aguinaldo traveled to Manila to follow up the case against Robredo. He then disappeared and has not been found until now.