Blogger Blast Journalist And Professor Who Questioned The Financiers Of Palit Bise Rally, Burn!

The success of the "Palit Bise" rally happened yesterday draw different reactions from the anti-Duterte supporters.
palit bise rally
Yesterday, April 2, "Palit Bise Suporta sa Presidente" rally led by the D.A.V.A.O. Movement or Duterte Alliance of Volunteers, Artists, and Organizations was joined by thousands of Duterte supporters and became trending on social media sites, Twitter and Facebook.

However, veteran journalist Raissa Robles and Professor Sylvia Claudio questioned the financiers of the said event.

In a twitter post, Robles said:

boy, malalaman yan sa resibo. Kung sino yung nagbayad ng nag set-up ng stage, LED, stereo, tents, etc.
Claudio responds by commenting on Robles' post,

People funded talaga including your taxes and mine. 
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Blogger and political analyst Sass Rogando Sasot screenshot Robles' twit together with Claudio's comment and slammed the two by saying this on her Facebook page:

raissa twit

Dear Raissa Robles and Sylvia Claudio:

Ms. Robles, you've been asking who funded the #PalitBiseRally? Here' check the crowdfunding site and you'll see the names and the amount they donated.

Professor Claudio, please give us evidence that tax payers' money was used for the rally. Napaka transparent noong fund raising.

You know what Professor Claudio, what's amazing about this fund raising is the small amount people give: the smallest amount I saw is in cents (USD). Di ba kayo naloloka? People would like to contribute to stage a protest against LENI ROBREDO. They contributed their hardearned money for that cause, ganyan sila galit kay Leni. So please lang Professor Claudio, mahiya ka sa mga taong ito na ang karamihan ay naglilinis ng toilet ng ibang tao para mabuhay nila ang kanilang pamilya.
Sasot's post as of this writing generated more than 450 shares and 3,300 different reactions from her Facebook followers.