Blogger Burns Lawyer's Remark On ABS-CBN Franchise Renewal, Say No To Drugs!

On the recent statement of President Rodrigo Duterte regarding ABS-CBN's franchise renewal, a lawyer and full-time lecturer at Far Eastern University, Atty. Jesus Falcis, commented in a link he posted on his Facebook wall about this issue which draws different reactions from the netizens.
nieto vs falcis
Falcis shared a link post from Rappler entitled, "Duterte to block renewal of ABS-CBN franchise" with a caption of:

ABS CBN will see you in the Supreme Court :)
Falcis' post was screenshot by a known blogger and supporter of the President, Thinking Pinoy - RJ Nieto, and posted it on his Facebook page with this caption:

The only way to not-renew ABS-CBN's franchise is for Congress to fail to pass a law renewing it. So is this lawyer telling us that SC has the power to force Congress to enact Republic Acts?

Jesus Falcis, SAY NO TO DRUGS.
falcis statement
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Franchise renewal requires a law to be passed by Congress AND signed by the President. ABS-CBN needs that law to be passed in order to continue having that franchise. Problem is: they swindled the President that would sign that law

Falcis thinks the Supreme Court could force the President to sign that law. Acheng, di ako lawyer, pero kailan nagkaroon ng kapangyarihan ang Supreme Court to force the President to sign anything into law? Sabi ng isa kong reader mag-concentrate ka na lang daw sa pag-issue ng affidavit of loss...
In an interview on Thursday, President Duterte accused ABS-CBN of 'swindling'. He claimed ABS-CBN did not show his political ads during the 2016 campaign season though they were already paid for it.

[The franchise] has been there for 25 years. The law said it’s okay, only if you adhere to journalistic standards. What did you do to us? Estafa, swindling, not only me but Chiz Escudero, many of us. Son of a bitch, you collected outright then you commit estafa.

So I will file a complaint. Congress, no need to renew it. But to operate is something else, so I will point this out, your garbage, then we’ll see.
Asked if he's going to block ABS-CBN's franchise renewal, he said:

Yes, if you’re engaged in swindling.