Priest Who Died Last Year 'Photobombs' A Group Of Tourists Visiting An Old Church In Masbate

On April 12, a group of tourists who went on a vacation trip in Burias, Masbate were shocked after they learn someone unusual 'photobombed' on their pictures.
photobomber dead priest
In a Facebook post of Kaye Henson, she said that the 'photobomber' was a priest in Masbate who died due to a heart attack in November 2016.

Unusual Photobomber

My Mom and her friends went on a vacation trip in Burias, Masbate last April 12, 2017. Little did they know that vacation will bring horror to their week. April 14, 2017 one of the locals recommended they visit the second oldest church in masbate. They went and prayed inside. They took a group picture outside the church and went back to their hotel room. Once they were settled, they started checking the pictures one by one looking for pictures to post on fb and ig ofcourse. One of my moms friend was checking their picture at the church and thought it was a good picture to post but something was wrong. "Ano ba yan may Photobomber" Curious, my mom and her friends checked who was the photobomber and zoomed in on his face. They all screamed in unison. Her friends phone shutdown on cue. And it stunned them. Some of my moms friend was crying in horror. What they saw was a man. His face seemed liked it was a decaying skull. They were all terrified. They went back to the church, prayed and lit a candle for the man on
the picture. My mom sent the picture to her friend who lives in masbate. Her friend showed the picture to the locals of Burias. It turns out that, that man was a former priest on that church but he wasn't a resident of Burias, Masbate. He had an heart attack and died last November 2016.
Attached are the pictures of the Priest seemingly walking towards my moms friend in the middle.

PS. When they entered the church there were only two people inside, two thin guys wearing red and blue shirt.
Below are the photos of Henson's mom and her friends during their visit in the second oldest church in Masbate.

photobomber dead priest 1

photobomber dead priest 2

photobomber dead priest 3

photobomber dead priest 4