Rappler CEO Claims 90 Duterte Supporters Wanted To Kill And Rape Her Per Minute

Many netizens react including known Duterte supporters on Ressa's claims.
ressa's rape claim
In a Facebook post of veteran columnist at the Manila Times, Jojo Robles, he said that a friend from Vancouver, Canada reports that Maria Ressa, Rappler CEO, has been interviewed live by a local station and tell how hard it is to be an anti-Duterte.

Ressa also claims that a rate of 90 per minute wanted to rape and kill her.

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Kindly read Robles' post for your reference.
A friend in Vancouver reports that Maria Ressa has been interviewed live by a local station, to which she narrated a tale of woe about how hard it is to be anti-Duterte right now.

Ressa recounted how Leila de Lima was stripped (daw) of her dignity online. Then she said identified Mocha Uson and her followers of sending her (Ressa) rape threats and death threats at a rate of 90 per minute.

Wow. Trending si Maria.
On the comment section of Robles' post, he shared a link from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC/Radio Canada) of Maria Ressa's interview.

As of writing, Ressa is not giving yet her reaction on Robles' latest post about her.