Blogger Blast ABS-CBN's Report, Exposes Truth On Protesters Outside UN Building

Social media blogger and an avid supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, Sass Sasot, slammed ABS-CBN for their biased reporting on their latest international news.
abs-cbn biased reporting
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Kindly read Sasot's Facebook post slamming ABS-CBN for alleged biased reporting.

abs-cbn biased reporting


While you are showing this footage in your report entitled "TV Patrol: Cayetano: Killings, walang bendisyon ng gobyerno" on May 8, 2017, you reported that this is footage of pro- and anti-Duterte rally in front of the UN building in Geneva, Switzerland on May 8.
First, this footage is not on May 8. This footage was taken on May 7.

And second, this footage was taken during the photo ops session of the forum organized by pro-Duterte supporters outside La Baite Restaurant in Geneva.

So, what the hell are you talking about? Are you masking the fact that you didn't cover our protest rally outside the UN building?
Meanwhile, here is ABS-CBN's report about this issue uploaded on their YouTube channel. Please watch.