Blogger Hits Rappler CEO Who Releases Confidential Transcript Of Trump-Duterte Call, Criminal!

Rappler CEO and journalist Maria Ressa speaks up after several people attacked her and Rappler online for releasing the confidential transcript between US President Donald Trump and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.
maria ressa
Composite image from Maria Ressa/Facebook and Thinking Pinoy/Facebook
In a Facebook post, Ressa said:

Those who are attacking Rappler and me for releasing a confidential transcript between Presidents Trump and Duterte (that is available worldwide from the Intercept, Washington Post, and Agence France Presse) derail and mislead people.

This is a time to dig, to think, to process. The transcripts show that both presidents said something privately that differ from their public positions.

I've worked with classified documents for nearly 4 decades. Our work shows we know when something is national security (and work with governments around the world to protect the public) and when something is being kept secret at the public's expense or to manipulate the public.

Another story with classified documents actually outlines the ISIS threat at the beginning of the year - bringing up questions about how authorities dealt with this brewing problem. ISIS in Marawi is not a surprise:

This is about accountability for those who hold vast power. This is about what journalism is: protecting the people we serve.
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However, a prominent blogger and known supporter of the President reminds Ressa that she and Rappler are not exempt from Philippine Law.

RJ Nieto of Thinking Pinoy also said that what Ressa did is a criminal act.

Excuse me, Maria Ressa, but you and your college sorority blog Rappler are not exempt from Philippine Law. You knowingly aided a foreign entity in leaking classified documents. Regardless of your motive, what you did is a criminal act.

Yes, Miss Ressa, you are a criminal who has threatened National Security for the sake of whatever convoluted principles you claim to uphold.

Maria, I suggest that you spend less time whining and more time consulting the best lawyer your American financiers can afford, because you may soon say goodbye to your posh Estancia office space and say hello to your new friends at Sigue Sigue Sputnik.

Though you can always try to plead insanity.
For the knowledge of all, the US-based news website The Intercept in partnership with Rappler published the transcript of the phone conversation between Trump and Duterte last April 29.

The US President praised President Duterte on his successful campaign against illegal drugs, but a highly classified information was also released through the confidential document.