Blogger Reacts On Inquirer Reporter's Complaint About ASEAN 'Loot Bags' For Media Men, Mema?

On April 28, a journalist from Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) reported through Tweeter about ASEAN gift bags which were given to all reporters and cameramen who covered the ASEAN event held in Conrad Hotel.
thinking pinoy slams DJ Yap
DJ Yap, the Inquirer reporter, uploaded photos of what 's inside the gift bags and posted it on Tweeter.

loot bag

He then followed it with these tweets.

tweet about loot bag

A known blogger and supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, RJ Nieto, reported Yap's tweet on his Facebook page Thinking Pinoy - RJ Nieto.

Kindly read his Facebook post below.

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A few days ago, Inquirer reporter DJ Yap tweeted about the ASEAN gift bags as if it's some foreign and lavish practice.

ASEAN gift bags, or as Yap puts it, "Loot Bags", are given to all reporters and cameramen who covered the April 28 ASEAN event held in Conrad Hotel. The bag contains a cheap P3k ASEAN-branded Myphone, a pack of Golden Cebu dried mangoes, a power bank, a notebook-and-pen combo and a bamboo amplifier.

Yap tweeted that five bags were returned, while one opted not to claim his. Social media friends who attended the event told me that Yap took a loot bag, took pictures of its contents, and returned it.

Going by his consultation with PCOO Usec Noel Puyat, Yap appears to insinuate that accepting such token gifts is some serious form of corruption.

Well, at least, that's how other media men who covered the event saw it.

The event was huge, so the other media men interpreted Yap's tweet about six people refusing to accept gift bags as an accusation of corruption against them.

Then one of the cameramen told me, "Hindi tumanggap ng gift bag, corruption daw. Pero kung ayaw niya ng ganoong kaliit lang, e bakit nuknukan naman ng siba ang mga taga-Inquirer sa buffet sa Conrad Hotel? Ano akala nila don, libre? Para ngang hindi pinalalamon e."
As of this writing, Thinking Pinoy's post about this incident generated more than 3,600 different reactions from his Facebook followers.