On Marawi Clash: Blogger Reminds Duterte Critics On Where #NasaanAngPangulo Originally Started

After the controversial tweets of Singer-actress Lea Navarro asking #NasaanAngPangulo, pertaining to Marawi City clash in Mindanao, prominent blogger and known supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte reminds critic of the President on where the famous hashtag originally started.
Aquino Roxas saff 44
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Remember the death of the 44 brave PNP Special Action Forces (SAF) due to the bloody Mamasapano clash last January 25, 2015? The famous hashtag #NasaanAngPangulo originally started there.

According to RJ Nieto, the man behind Thinking Pinoy website, a close friend of him named Mike Lopez, former National Youth Commissioner and former MTRCB Board Member, said the then,

Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, in a desperate attempt to salvage his presidential ambitions, engaged in a multi-million-peso PR campaign against then President Aquino, a campaign aimed at pinning all the blame over Mamasapano on Aquino.

And with a little over a year before the May 2016 Elections, Roxas’ much-delayed presidential ambitions have suddenly become under threat.

The dejected Roxas, who stepped aside in 2010 to allow Aquino to be the Liberal Party presidential bet, suddenly faced the prospect of having to delay his presidential hopes for another six years, given the massively negative PR fallout of the Mamasapano clash.

The lifeless bodies of the slain SAF44 were transported back to Manila  in the morning of 29 January 2016. Present to honor the slain policemen were former President Ramos, then Vice President Binay, and top officials of the military and the police. Aquino, who was widely being blamed for the incident, was conspicuously absent  in the arrival ceremony, having opted to attend the inauguration of a Mitsubishi Plant in Laguna.
According to Lopez, a publicist friend and well-known figure in political PR industry contacted him and asked for help in coming up with a list of anti-Aquino Twitter hashtags relating to the Mamasapano Clash, for use in a PR campaign.

Lopez said the anti-Aquino black propaganda campaign, instigated and funded by the Roxas camp, was launched later at 6:00 PM.

Lopez said his publicist-friend maintains a fleet of major social media influencers with hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of followers, enabling the latter to manipulate Twitter trending topics to her clients’ favor.

The hashtag quickly trended worldwide, creating over 500 million impressions, and with major evening newscasts TV Patrol, 24 Oras, and Bandila  reporting about it later that night.

Lopez said since then, his publicist-friend’s PR firm reused this amazingly successful hashtag every time Aquino went missing in the middle of a crisis.

Lopez declined to name this publicist-friend, although he said she’s very well known in political circles, and that she’s popular for being one of the glitziest PR operators in the country.
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