DLSU Professor Castigates Critics After Duterte Declares Martial Law In Mindanao, Burn!

President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday night, May 23, declared martial law in Mindanao due to the Maute group attacks at Marawi City.
Duterte martial law
Photo credit: Noel Celis/AFP
Screenshot from Antonio Contreras/Facebook
Critics of the President condemned his action which led De La Salle professor and political analyst Antonio Contreras gave his reaction on this issue.

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In a Facebook post, Contreras slammed those critics and said:

Can someone lend some people their brains?

It just pisses me off so early in the morning that people take issue with the President's declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao while yesterday they were demanding that the President should do something substantial to address the crisis there.

I hear words like overkill, abuse of power, potential violation of human rights.

And some are even faulting the President for going to Russia at a time like this, as if he could have seen this coming like a typhoon approaching.

They say its a failure of intelligence.

Failure of intelligence my ass! If there is an intelligence that failed it would be theirs.

Oh. Some idiotic point was even raised that maybe the President planned this as part of a grand conspiracy to declare Martial Law.

People. Your hatred for this President and your fertile imaginations are no longer amusing. Get some help.
Meanwhile, President Duterte is expected to be back home Wednesday afternoon after he cuts short Russia trip amid Marawi clashes.