Furious Netizen Blast Agnes Callamard: You Look More Like A Saboteur

Social media blogger and supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, Mark Lopez, blast UN Special Rapporteur Dr. Agnes Callamard, saying he feels "insulted and assaulted that she have the temerity to go here and connive with a bunch of discredited, scheming destabilizers."
netizen blast agnes callamard
Composite Image from globalfreedomofexpression.columbia.edu and Mark Lopez/Facebook
In a Facebook post, Lopez also said Callamard is not a special rapporteur but look more like a saboteur.

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Below is the entire post of Mark Lopez. Please read.


As a nation, we have nothing to fear, nothing to worry, and certainly nothing to hide from UN Special Rapporteur Dr. Agnes Callamard. In fact, it is to our benefit that she sees with her own eyes, and feel within her own heart, what really is happening here.

If only for that, I welcome her and I would even encourage her to roam freely. Even join Tokhang perhaps as an observer and first hand witness.
However, it should not hold me back from expressing my utmost disgust at Dr Callamard's brazen imposition of her unwanted and unsolicited point of view and opinion on our current affairs.

Yes Dr Callamard, I feel insulted and assaulted that you have the temerity to go here and connive with a bunch of discredited, scheming destabilizers. Your actions are an affront to our sovereignty, and an attack on our aspirations and ideals as Filipinos.

We can see right through the veil of HR principles that you cleverly invoke as cover for the more sinister plan to bring down a duly elected government that has the overwhelming support of its people.

And I call upon this same government to denounce in the strongest possible term Dr Callamard and her cohorts.

It's one thing to present yourself as a purveyor of our adherence to the universal precept of human rights, it's another to use that mantle of authority to disabuse us with your notion of what we Filipinos can, and cannot do in our own country.

As it is Dr Callamard, you are not a special rapporteur.

Up close and personal, you look more like a saboteur.