Curious Netizen Questions Bolet Banal's Role Who's Always Present In The Sorties Of Leni Robredo

An interesting question about Vice President Leni Robredo and 3rd District Representative of Quezon City Jorge "Bolet" Banal is going viral on social networking site, Facebook.
Leni Robredo Bolet Banal
Composite photos from and Alek Mirasol/Facebook
On May 19, the official Facebook page of Robredo uploaded photos telling she received a warm welcome from the local government of Siquijor during their provincial gathering.

leni robredo in siquijor 1

leni robredo in siquijor 2

However, a curious netizen named Alek Mirasol asked why Banal is always in the sorties of Robredo? She then uploaded a photo of Robredo and Banal eating lunch inside Siquijor Provincial Capitol with the province's Governor and Congressmen.

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In line with this, social media blogger Mark Lopez uploaded the screenshot image above and asked straight forward questions that were posted on his Facebook account. Kindly read.


If I am to follow the virtuous, moral high ground and decent stance of the dilawans, I need to already raise this serious issue -- what really is the relationship of Vice President Leni Robredo and Congressman Jorge "Bolet Banal?

Yes this is a serious question that demands a serious answer.

For instance, the attached photo shows the duo dining together with the governor and congressman of Siquijor province in the provincial capitol. This is an official government activity right, this provincial sortie of the VP?

So her trip is being paid for by taxpayer money.

What then is the role of congressman Banal in this activity? What is the representative of Quezon City doing in Siquijor side by side with the Vice President of the Philippines?

There are other sightings of the two, even abroad. ALL IN THEIR OFFICIAL CAPACITY AS PUBLIC SERVANTS.

Again, these two public officials are conducting activities together using public funds.

And am left wondering and amused that why is this not being brought up, especially by supposed guardians of morality and even by watchdogs in the fourth estate like PCIJ or Vera Files. Why is there no outcry or noise about this? Why is Rappler, Inquirer, ABS CBN, GMA 7, CNNPhil not poking their noses on this?

Is this normal deportment of elected officials?

Is there no link between Leni and Bolet that can be deduced here?

It is therefore in the interest of the Filipino people to be made aware and to be informed of the true nature of the relationship between VP Robredo and Congressman Banal.

And this is not some malicious angling or innuendo, unlike those carelessly thrown by KSPs.

It's a straightforward question.

And we deserve an answer.

(Thank you Alek Mirasol for the permission to use your material)

In a report by Rappler during campaign period last year, third district representative Bolet Banal is Robredo’s “close-in political consultant,” who tags along in almost all of her sorties.

As of this writing, Robredo and Banal have no answer yet on the netizens questions.