LOOK: Philippines' World Class Urban Planner Exposes The Truth Behind APECO Project

A call to support the victim of injustice and Philippines' World Class Urban Planner, Architect Felino 'Jun' Palafox, Jr., is going viral on social networking site, Facebook.
arch. jun palafox
Photo courtesy of Palafox Associates. Retrieve from http://palafoxassociates.com/about-us/officers
Screenshot from Vivian Velez via Facebook

Vivian Velez, an actress and known supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte shared to his Facebook followers that Ach. Palafox has Warrant of Arrest by a Judge from Pasay Regional Trial Court for telling the Truth that APECO ( formerly ASEZA) a government economic zone with airport & seaport is not suitable for development.

Let's pray for & support Architect Jun Palafox, a Victim of Injustice! He is issued a Warrant of Arrest by a Judge from Pasay Regional Trial Court (Jun & his accuser are both from Makati!!!) For telling the Truth that APECO ( formerly ASEZA) a gov't economic zone with airport & seaport is NOT suitable for development. He reported this from 2010 to 2016 to then Malacanang Officials Ombudsman Secretaries of Justice NEDA, DBM, DENR DPWH, Senate, Congress & together with other victims of corruption, criminality landgrabbing incompetence - Pres Aquino gov't did nothing! To protect their Allies??? billions of pesos of our taxpayers money has been wasted!
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Velez also added that consequences if the new administration will do nothing about this project.

If nothing is done there will be catastrophic disaster at APECO destroying the economic zone airport seaport by storm surge (ala Supertyphoon Yolanda, liquefaction ala earthquake destruction in Baguio & Dagupan, flooding ala Ondoy.) Jun is a Truth teller/ Whistleblower for his love of God, Country & Planet Earth. He should be cited for his patriotic sacrifices. Let's please call the attention & support of the President whose clarion call is stop corruption & criminality, incompetence in govt.
Before she ends, she asked everyones help to share her Facebook post and thanked different organizations for supporting Palafoz.

Please pass. Thank you. God bless the Philippines! XVD LSSAJ PAX, with support from the VACC, Republic Defenders & various individuals & organizations.
Meanwhile, in the comment section of her post, Velez shared a message from Palafox to everyone.

FROM Architect Jun... I need all the prayers & help. Let's expose the Truth before billions more taxpayers money & human lives are lost if & when the catastrophic disaster happens-storm surge , liquefaction, heavy flooding happens! APECO still got a budget allocation. Three previous to 2010 NEDA Secretaries were against ASEZA now APECO!Please help me draw the attention & help of the President, Budget, Finance, DENR, Infrastructure agengies, NBI, PNP. De Lima did nothing, the Ombudsman dismissed the prior to 2013 elections. Three of the accused were running for elections.
She also posted links on where we can see the APECO issue. Kindly visit it for your reference.

As of this writing, Velez' Facebook post already generated more than 1,100 shares and 1,400 different reactions from her followers.