CONTROVERSIAL: Possible Reasons Why LP Senators Voted 'Yes' On Gina's Confirmation Before CA

Before Commission on Appointments (CA) rejected the appointment of controversial Environment Secretary Gina Lopez, Erwin Tulfo, popular news anchor and broadcaster on radio and television, warned the congressmen and senators to vote wisely during the May 3 episode of his radio program "Punto Asintado".
senators who voted yes on ginas confirmation
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According to Tulfo, Lopez still gave mining permit to the controversial mining company SR Metals Inc. (SRMI) even if she knows that this mining company has many violations.

SRMI is the number one financier of the Liberal Party (LP) and campaign contributor of Mar Roxas during last elections, Tulfo added.

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Meanwhile, Thinking Pinoy - RJ Nieto reposted on his Facebook page an old article from his blog entitled "Roxas and Corruption: Campaign Planes, Election Spending, Mining Interests and Lumad Rights", where he disclosed that SRMI is an avid supporter of the PNoy administration from start to finish.

SRMI supporter of LP
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Then, a commenter on his FB post, reposted a comment from certain Arne G. Gogo, telling the possible reason why President Duterte's allies unanimously decided to vote 'NO' on Lopez' confirmation.

Hmmmm 🤔

There is actually a story behind the rejection of Gina Lopez. It's all politics. Digong chose not to back up Lopez this time and let Sonny Dominguez do the rest.

Now I know, why Alan Peter Cayetano kept on asking Lopez on how the judgment was made among those mining companies who passed and failed in the audit. The thing is, Lopez retained the operation of the mining of the Gutierrez's in Agusan in which we all know, one of the biggest campaign contributors of Mar Roxas. Well, they say that the Lopez' and the Gutierrez' are close. And Digong just learned about this, lately. So it was a unanimous decision to the allies of the President to vote NO, whom we expected to back up Lopez from the start. The like of Pimentel, Cayetano, Lacson and Zubiri and all of the 12 member Congressmen of the C.A, really think that the best option they had is to let Lopez go.

And why is it that all dilawan senators voted for Lopez? Because they can all benefit from her. Lol

-Arne G. Gogo.
For your reference, below is the list of senators and congressmen who gave their 'YES' and 'NO' votes during Lopez' confirmation before CA.

senators and congressmen vote on gina lopez confirmation
Credit: ABS-CBN News