Sen. Miriam's Sister Hits Robredo When Report Says VP's Wealth Shrank By P2.175 M, Burn!

The younger sister of the late Senator Miriam Defensor questioned Vice-president Leni Robredo's wealth which according to report shrank by P2.175 million.
Leni Robredo
Composite images from Ezra Acayan/Reuters and Paula Defensor-Knack/Facebook
In a Facebook post of Paula Defensor-Knack, legal advisor to the Philippine Embassy at The Hague, she shared a link from Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) telling that Robredo's wealth decreased in her first 6 months as Vice-president.

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Knack then captioned her link post with this. Please read.
VIRAL !! ......Wag na tayong magbolahan ! It is a SIN to tell a lie ha :) God knows HUDAS not declare.

Yong undeclared campaign contributions ? zero.

Yong condominium in the name of crony ? zero declaration.

Yong MERALCO shares na hindi nakalagay dyan ? zero declaration.

Ang taon na wala kang SALN ? zero declaration.

Ang mga tinatago mo pa ! zero natural.

Yong panggastos mo sa pag-aaral abroad ng anak mo t pagbyahe nyo. zero. Kung ilagay mo lahat dyaan, UBOS net value mo, ano ?

Net worth by retoke.
According to PDI's obtained three-page SALNs from the Office of the Ombudsman, Robredo declared her business interest in the Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) as “shares of stock” for “different years.” However, she did not specify just how much her stake at the corporation was.

The lack of details regarding the Meralco shares is one of the grounds being raised by the so-called “Impeach Leni Movement,” a group of pro-Duterte lawyers and bloggers whose complaint is still pending endorsement at the House of Representatives. -PDI
As of this writing, Robredo is still silent on the said issue.