Soldier Killed In Marawi Called His Father Before He Was Hit: Pa, Please Pray For Me

A young soldier, Army Corporal Angelo Estores Jr. 25, called his father and asked to pray for him while fighting against Maute group in Marawi City.
Angelo Estores
Photo credit: Civil Relations Service AFP/Facebook
Estores, father of two and a member of Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) 5th mechanized battalion was killed while trying to get the caliber of his dead companion.

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In a report from, at about 1 pm on May 25, Estores called his father, a retired soldier, and said:

"Pa, Pray mo sa ako, murag dili na madayon akong kasal, tulo na lang mi nabilin ang siyam patay na,” Jestoni Almeres, cousin of Estores told quoting the communication between the father and son.

(Pa, you Pray for me, my wedding might not push through, only three of us left here, nine of my companions are dead).
Estores Sr. advised his son:

Jun, kung na trap ka ayaw ug gawas kung walay reinforcement.

(Jun, if you are trapped, don’t get out until reinforcement arrives).
Estores Jr. then told his father:

Ginakamang na naku ang 50-caliber pang, RPG ang ginatira sa amoa pang, wala na koy bala, patay na akong opisal, i-rray ko ninyo

(I am crawling towards the 50-caliber, they are firing us with RPG, I don’t have ammunition, my officer is dead, you pray for me).
Estores Sr. was directing his son what to do during their conversation. He just assumed his son was wounded.

However, on May 26, Estores Sr. received a message from the military command center telling his “Jun-Jun”, Cpl. Angelo Estores Jr. is dead.