Manila Standard Columnist Reacts On FB Post Of Sen. Santiago's Sister About Him And ICC, You Judge!

On Saturday, a column from the Manila Standard about the ICC complaint of President Rodrigo Duterte was published. However, the sister of the late former Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago has an interesting response to it.
tony reacts on paula post
In a Facebook post of Paula-Defensor Knack, younger sister of Sen. Santiago, she commented on Tony La Vina's column entitled: "Duterte, the ICC, and Asean."

ON THE WEEK OF THE ASEAN SUMMIT, THIS COLUMN COMES OUT and what an interesting revelation, despite the pending domestic cases removing jurisdiction from the ICC under the Rome Statute..... It is Judge Pangalangan's Pre-Trial Chamber that will confirm charges of the Prosecutor (if ever) against Pres. Duterte and it is also his chamber which will issue the warrant of arrest. ANONG SAY NYO ? 
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A familiar name happened to comment on this FB post and said:

This is of course not true. I do not mention the embassy or Judge Pangalangan at all in the column. I only mention the statement of the ICC Prosecutor last October.
It was Antonio Gabriel La Vina, better known as Tony La Vina, a professor and the columnist behind the Manila Standard article published on April 29.

When Knack read La Vina's comment, she immediately replied and said:

Tony, matagal na kayong nasa radar ng gobyerno. You should talk to government authorities in the PH on their investigations about your and your group. NO you did not in your column. READ THE POST AGAIN. THE POST DOES NOT SAY THAT. BUT YOU SAID in the Embassy you said went to Judge Pangalangan in the ICC. You happened to talk about it to the Legal Advisor of the Philippiine Embassy at the Embassy mismo because you were not using your head. I am in charge of peace and security issues which you do not know and you know now. .... Then upon your return you you write that column, of your own doing. Just to let you know Judge Pangalangan in a separate occasion in the Embassy also warned against "COMPLACENCY" in the ICC . EXACTLY THE SAME WORD. NABASA MO BA ISIP NI PANGALANGAN ? THAT IS STRANGE. Nagmeeting lang kayo, pareho na dictionary nyo. BAKIT PAREHO SINABI NYO ? Read again. By the way , you and your student obtained funding for your European Justice Project on the drug war in the PH. How much ? euros pa. For whom are you really working ? It does not appear to be Ateneo.
On a separate post, Knack screenshot La Vina's comment and her reply for her readers and followers to easily saw and read their conversation.

VIRAL to GROUPS & FB WALLS !!.........This is the reaction of Prof. La Vina to my poster. YOU JUDGE.
I would be interested to read the findings of government investigations in Manila :)
paula knack replied on tony lavina comment