TV Host Burns Lea Navarro Who Criticized Duterte During Marawi Clash: You're A Raging Idiot

TV host and Executive Producer at Open Mike, Mike Lopez, slammed actress and singer Lea Navarro after her controversial tweets against President Rodrigo Duterte on Marawi clash.
lea navarro
Screenshots from Lea Navarro/Twitter and Mike Acebedo Lopez/Facebook
Navarro on her Twitter account said the following:

navarro's tweet 1

navarro's tweet 2

navarro's tweet 3

navarro's tweet 4

In a Facebook post, Lopez castigates Navarro, one of the fiercest critics of President Duterte and known supporter of the Liberal Party (LP), due to her controversial tweets. He said:
Leah Navarro, you criticize Digong who just cut short a planned official trip, who was willing to cancel his important meeting with Putin, the most powerful man on the planet, so he could be with his people when they need him the most yet you kept mum when Leni went on with a personal trip to New York to attend a family reunion and to meet with Loida Lewis when her home province was being ravaged by a typhoon. She knew before she left that the typhoon was en route, but she still went to New York anyway.

You don't see the difference? Now you know why I think you're an idiot? You, yes you. You're a raging idiot.
Meanwhile, President Duterte on 10 p.m. Tuesday declared martial law in the entire Mindanao island amid the ongoing clashes between government troops and Maute group.

Duterte, who was set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, is expected to be back home Wednesday afternoon instead.