WATCH: Journalist Killed After Exposing Parojinog's Alleged Illegal Activities

A video of Mr. Ratsada interviewing Frederick "Cocoy" May y Colangco, a self-confessed right-hand of Herbert "Ampang" Colangco, his relative, exposing their drvg operations in the Ozamiz City is going viral on social networking sites.
Journalist killed after exposing parojinogs illegal activities

Prominent social media blogger Krizette Chu on Facebook shared the YouTube interview video of journalist Cosme Maestrado, better known as "Mr. Ratsada", to Colangco and captioned it with:

Dear certain "hard hitting" journalists who pretend they're brave because they attack Duterte,

Mas nakakabilib ang tapang ninyo kung ang I expose ninyo drug lords sa Pilipinas, imbes puro parte Kay Duterte. Yung totoo.

But you won't. Because with Duterte you can keep up with the pretense that you are brave for "exposing" him while you know in your heart that Duterte won't touch you.

You wont do an expose on drug lords because you know for sure that you'll die. Sayang naman ang Pulitzer baka di ma claim. Si Duterte na lang, easy target.

Look at this brave man named Ratsada. He interviewed Cocoy Colanggo, who, on his deathbed, admitted to the drug trade. A few months later, after Colanggo died from

lung cancer, Ratsada was killed in broad daylight.

Puro EJK, pero drug lord related killings ayaw ninyo pag usapan.

Watch this, take your seat.

READ ALSO: Blogger Reveals the Alleged Connection of a Dynasty in Ozamiz City And the LP's According to the video, Mr. Ratsada is known loyalist of the Parojinogs but later turned his back because he could no longer swallow the family's illegal activities from drvgs, criminalities, and corruption.

Weeks after the interview of Mr. Ratsada to Colangco, Colangco died of lung cancer. However, four months after Colangco's death, Mr. Ratsada was murdered in broad daylight in the Ozamiz City.

The Family of Mr. Ratsada is appealing to Pres. Duterte and the government to give justice to his death. The people of Ozamiz know who the masterminds behind the killing are. But because of the strong grip of the perpetrators upon local law enforcement authorities, his killing remains unsolved to this day.