AirAsia CEO Commends Duterte on this Photo, It Will Amaze You!

Have you seen this viral photo of AirAsia owner and CEO, Tony Fernandes, with President Rodrigo Duterte on his official Facebook page?
AirAsia CEO with Duterte
The photo was uploaded on Monday, August 1, and has been making rounds on social media due to its caption.

According to Fernandes, her Filipino helper is a huge fan of President Duterte. Then the following words that he said made the day of President's supporters.

Kindly read Fernandes' entire Facebook post below.

Annie my Filipino helper has been with me for 25 years. Practically family. She is a huge fan of President Duterte. Her father's dream was to meet any president of his country. He sadly never made it but I got Annie to meet her leader. There has been lots of press about President Duterte but I found him warm and down to earth. He went out of his way to take pictures with Annie and I could see he cared for her. A real man of the people.
Fernandes' helper, Annie Castillo, was thankful to her employer who made her father's dream come true. She even commented on the photo he uploaded.

Castillo said:

Thanks you Lord for giving me such a wonderful and amazing employer you are an heaven sent Sir Tony you are one in a trillion,,, Thank you so much for everything, You make all things possible for us... To the most humble , loving caring and selfless man in the world you will be always in our heart as long as we live..... Long live sir Tony we love you
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Meanwhile, looking at the comment section of Fernandes' post, seems like many netizens were also happy with his post.

I personally feel The President is on the right track in cleansing Philippines.
Ppl say he against human rights and so on. When in the moment that god said it is in your hand, he have to behave like a man and go thru it. He sacrifice for his nation. That is great man. Trust me nobody like to be in his shoes. Long live Duterte.
We really love our president. We love Duterte and we'll support him all the way! Some people may not undestand him now but everything he does is for the good of our country and the generations to come.

P.S. Thanks, sir for making miss Annie happy.