Alumna Slams UPLB Students who "Ambushed" Main Library: HINDI IYAN DEMOCRACY

On Wednesday, August 2, students of University of the Philippines in Los Baños (UPLB) held a protest rally in time for the start of the school year. This was their reaction after the university announced that it would proceed with the collection of tuition from its undergraduate students this semester, despite earlier proposals by the government to subsidize tertiary education.

On the UPLB Perspective Twitter account, the official student publication of their school, they uploaded some photos of the rally.

But what caught the attention of some netizens is when they uploaded these photos and captioned it with:

PHOTOS: UPLB students enter the  Main Library after admin refused entrance #FirstDayRage #FreeEducationNow
UPLB library 2

UPLB library 1

However, an alumna who studied Biology at the UPLB wasn't happy with what the students did.

In a Facebook post, Mavic Villanueva said:

Upon seeing the news that UPLB's main lib was "ambushed" by "radical students", I AM SO DISAPPOINTED. Sobra. Mahal ko ang library na iyon.


Pwede naman kayong mag-rally at kung ano pa man. Pero please, wag kayong manira ng gamit na HINDI KAYO SOLELY NAGBAYAD. Bakit? Sinira ba nila dorm nyo? Yung apartment nyo? Sinunog ba nila bahay nyo? HINDI LANG KAYO ANG NAGPAGAWA NG MAIN LIB. Kung tutuusin, kung iproproportion natin ang mga taxes, mas madami ang proportion ng working class at mga businesses.

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Meanwhile, prominent social media blogger, RJ Nieto of Thinking Pinoy, posted a screenshot UPLB Perspective's Twitter post and asked:

OMG UPLB kids, what have you done!?
Many netizens who saw Thinking Pinoy's post couldn't keep a mum over this. On the comment section, they said:

Radical students less ang chance of future employability.
In behalf of the UP students, faculty & alumni, I apologize. They don't represent the whole UP system. As a licensed librarian, damaging libraries is a mortal sin!
Just had an interesting discussion over lunch with two retired lawyers both UP Alumni & they expressed their dismay with UP students today. They said the students today are so different during their time, they feel so privileged & loud but lacking ideology. It's so sad that the State University is now producing students that are just burden to the country.