On Bautista's Issue: Are the LDB Passbooks Real? Here's What Former Journalist Thinks!

After the wife of COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista, Patricia, brought out the controversial issue of husband, Chairman Bautista immediately denied the allegations that he has unexplained wealth of almost P1 billion. He also countered his wife’s accusation that he has several properties and savings accounts that he did not declare in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth (SALN).
Andy Bautista LDB passbooks
On Philippine Daily Inquirer's (PDI) report, Chairman Bautista also claims that the amount in his LDB accounts is not as huge as the total balance of more than P300 million that his wife, Patricia Paz “Tish” Bautista, alleges.

The Comelec chief also said that the money in the accounts “[does] not all belong to me.”
“Most of [it] belong[s] to my parents, my brother and my sister.” He was referring to his brother, Martin, and sister, Susan Bautista-Afan.

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Meanwhile, a Facebook post from prominent blogger and former journalist at Sunstar Davao is going viral due to its interesting content.

RJ Nieto, Head of Strategic Communications (Content) at Department of Foreign Affairs and the man behind ThinkingPinoy Facebook page, said:

Right after Patricia's August 7 revelation, Andres said the documents are fake or exaggerated, without being particular about which of them are fake, exagerrated, or, well, authentic.

Then tonight, news came out that Andres sued Patricia for robbery and extortion, claiming that Tisha broke into Andy's safe.

Wait one second.

1. They are still married and the contents of the passbooks involve dates within the marriage. Via conjugal proprietorship, how can Tisha steal what also belongs to her?

2. If Andy claims that the passbooks were stolen, does that mean he's admitting to their authenticity?

3. Even if ONLY ONE of the passbooks are authentic, that would already be enough to impeach Andy per the Corona Doctrine, as reportedly none of them are in his SALNs, so is Andy essentially telling us that he deserves to be impeached?
As of this writing, Nieto's post generated more than 800 shares and 6,400 different reactions from his Facebook followers.