Blogger's Comparison on 'Massacre' in Ozamiz vs 'Massacre' Associated with LP Goes Viral

A post from social media blogger and The Manila Times Columnist, Sass Sasot, has been making rounds on social networking site, Facebook.
ozamiz massacre vs LP massacre

It's when Sasot castigates the Liberal Party who allegedly said that what happened to Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog and 14 others of Ozamiz is 'massacre'.

However, Sasot said the so-called massacre of the drug lord in Ozamiz is not the same as the massacre associated with the LP.

Below is her Facebook post. Kindly read.

Dear Liberal Party:

The so-called massacre of the drug lord in Ozamiz is not the same as the massacre associated with you: Mendiola Massacre of 1987, Hacienda Luisita Massacre of 2004, and Kidapawan Massacre of 2016.

Just putting it out there.
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Netizens even can’t keep a mum over the matter:

Difference between killing an innocent and killing a criminal.
It's only now that criminals are having sleepless nights, during Pnoy's time they partyd for 6 long years and had the best time of their lives. In fact one might add that under Aquino, they grew stronger.
Kapag innocent civilian ang biktima, LP members are so quite but when the Drug Lords and Drug syndicate ang napatay, LP members have their own combining force along with CHR to investigate the case. Sa kanila, dapat may mamatay na police officers during the raid, dapat may megaphone para ipaalam sa suspect ang operations prior sa pag conduct, ipaalam sa mga International media para aware ang mga biased media at human rights advocates kono. Bwesit.
Meanwhile, a report from Philstar said former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III on Tuesday urged authorities to review the anti-illegal drug raid against the Parojinog clan as he cast doubts on the police operation.

Yung mga kinauukulan dapat matignan nila ito. Any time may loss of life, maski successful ang unang operation sasabihin ‘ano ba magagawa natin dito para maganda yung susunod na operasyon?

May pagkukulang ba tayo dito? May sumobra ba tayo dito?