On Kian's Slay: Columnist Noticed Inconsistencies On Witness' Statement vs Actual Video

On August 16, the 17-year-old boy, Kian Delos Santos, was among 12 drug suspects killed in an anti-crime operation in Caloocan City. Witnesses on Kian's slay claimed that the teenager had begged for his life before the alleged brutal killing.
inconsistencies of witness statement versus actual video
The witness who was interviewed by GMA News has another story to tell. According to him, he felt guilty over keeping quiet about witnessing Kian's slay.

During interview, he identified the two men in civilian clothes in the two different CCTV footage.

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However, a social media personality and columnist at The Manila Times, Sass Sasot, noticed some inconsistencies on the witness' statement versus the actual CCTV footage.

Below is Sasot's observation posted on her Facebook page. Please read.


The witness GMA 7 interviewed in this video (https://youtu.be/oEYikLuKTu8) said that he was actually in the crime scene. He claimed that he saw two un-uniformed police officers dragged Kian in a corner, just as shown in that famous CCTV (time stamp: 20:24)

GMA 7 showed the witness another CCTV footage during the same night (time stamp: 20:57). He identified the two guys there as the police officers he saw.

What's interesting? Both of the guys who dragged the guy in the other CCTV footage wore shorts. In the other CCTV footage, only one wore shorts; both of them wore flip flops. The other guy was wearing a hoodie. Did the police officers change clothes after the incident?
Below is GMA News' report of the said issue. Please watch.