DLSU Prof: Bautista's Brother May Have Violated Election Rules Not Only Once But Twice

Political analyst and professor at De La Salle University has an interesting revelation about the brother of Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Chairman Andres Bautista.
Martin Bautista
In a Facebook post, Prof. Antonio Contreras revealed that the older brother of Andy, Martin Bautista may have violated election rules not only once but twice.


Martin Bautista, brother of embattled COMELEC Chairperson Andy Bautista, came home to help save his brother. But he may just have added to his troubles.

Martin appears to be a US permanent resident. When he ran for the Senate in May 2007, he was required by law to surrender his green card to reacquire his residency in the Philippines. He should have done this in May 2005 for him to meet the 2-year residency requirement set by the Constitution for those running for Senator.

Take note that the Court has already settled in earlier rulings the following:

1. Reacquisition of Philippine residence entails formally relinquishing US residence by surrendering green card to US authorities.

2. One could only have but one residence. Hence, it is either you are a resident of the US or of the Philippines.

Martin's blogs reveal that he continued his medical practice in the US from 2005 to just before May 2007. After the May 2007 elections, in June 2007, an entry in Martin's blog indicates that he resumed his medical practice in the US

If he truly surrendered his permanent status in 2005, then the only way he can continue practicing is if he acquired a US working visa.

In 2010, Martin ran again for the Senate under the LP banner in the May elections. And again, he should have been a resident of the country for 2 years, which must have been May 2008.

If Martin was practicing in the US on the strength of a working visa he acquired in 2005 when he surrendered his permanent resident status in the US, then he has complied with the law.

Otherwise, it is clear thaf he may have violated our election laws not only once when he ran in 2007, but twice when he ran again in 2010.

It is now in order to look into Martin's US travel and visa status. For if he indeed violated election rules, this places Andy Bautista in a tight spot. While Martin lost twice, and Andy only became Chair of COMELEC after the 2010 elections, it would still be embarrassing to think that an election chief has a brother who may have violated election laws not only once but twice.
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On a previous post, Contreras uploaded screenshots of Martin's blog dated June 28, 2007 and captioned it with:

Martin Bautista ran for the Senate in the May 2007 elections. By law, he is required to surrender his green card to US authorities in 2005 to allow him to meet the minimum of 2 years of Philippine residency.

Without his green card, he had to have a visa to remain in the US and have a medical practice there.

Upon a perusal of his blog, it appeared that he continued to practice his profession in the US.

And as indicated in the blog entry below, he was back practicing his profession in the US a month after the May 2007 elections.

Interesting, isn't it?
Martin Bautista blog 1

Martin Bautista blog 2