DSWD ASec. Encourages Comelec Chair's Wife: A Grateful Nation Awaits You

This statement from the daughter of former Commission on Elections (Comelec) commissioner Anacleto Badoy goes viral as she encouraged the wife of the controversial Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista to fight and continue the battle versus husband.
Tish Bautista wife of Comelec chairman
Kindly read the entire Facebook post of DSWD Assistant Secretary Lorraine Marie T. Badoy below.

"Team Patricia"

Tish Bautista, when she was recounting the circumstances surrounding her audience with the President where she drops that megaton bomb with such far-reaching and damning consequences to the Liberal Party, says about the President, “He was very kind."

And, “I would think that the safest place to bring all these is there (to him) because at the end of the day, he is the President. This is as high as it goes.”

Tish, how right you were in bringing this to President Duterte who, though astute political animal that he is, will not use this hydrogen bomb you gave him to destroy anyone unjustly. Justly, yes. Unjustly? No.

The only ones in his crosshairs, in other words, are those who truly deserve to be taken down. (Hi Leila, how’s the new pad? Do you want Donkey as your roommate? Little Twin Stars together again..!)

And he will have your back –because dark days are ahead of you and you will need the Presidential mantle to protect you from some of the sleaziest, phoniest, most self-serving group of political whores I have ever come across and who care nothing for country but just their petty political ambitions.

The President chose for himself this song-- “Ipaglalaban Ko”. That’s the President’s personal myth—Protector and Defender of Filipinos--the story he tells himself about who he is—not because he is some vain peacock who struts around but because he has traveled long and wide and knows quite well who he is now and what he’s about. And he is no longer backing down but is going on full throttle to get our country on high ground.

That he chose to run for president because he wants the abuse of the Filipino people to stop is something that I hope gives you some comfort now.

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The battle you fight runs alongside the battle we Filipinos must fight and win--- the battle to defeat the biggest traitors to country—those who have taken a vow to serve us with fidelity and yet who would try with all their might to subvert the will of the Filipino people through the ballot and then install in position some of the country’s worst, least qualified candidates.

And for no other reason than their insatiable lust for power and money.

Doesn’t matter to them that MILLIONS of our kababayan go to bed hungry or that our country has gone to the dogs and that for the first time in a very long time, things are looking up for us.

All that matters is that they get back to power so they can, once again, run roughshod over all of us again. Then continue the abuse orgy they’ve heaped on us while these rotten eggs sat in power.

Chin up, Tish.

You have taught your children so well by this one singular act of courage. You were right in saying “You pick courage not bec it’s easy but because it is worth it.”

Cowardice is the path of least resistance. Turning a blind eye and pretending one doesn’t see the elephant in the room—32 passbooks worth of unexplained wealth—is the easier path.

And you have chosen the harder, more torturous path. A lot of women married to powerful assholes choose to keep their heads down for fear of the possible repercussions of going against a jerk with political, financial clout.

You have chosen to get out from under the shadow of a powerful man.

You, diosa.

Clearly your life and the lives of your children are in danger. And the dark chapter in your life has just started.

Let me tell you what I know so well because there have been times in my life when my life and the lives of my husband and children were at risk because of truths I spoke: the President has your back. You will need to hold on to that courage that you clearly have. But yes, he has your back.

So do all of us who no longer need the services of the most self-absorbed politicos who have no understanding nor any desire to truly serve the Filipino people.

Step into the light, Tish.

A grateful nation awaits you.