Duterte's Achievements in Just 1 Year Surpasses All Past Presidents After Marcos Combined, Wow!

Social media blogger and staunch supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte shared something interesting about the President's achievements in just one year. Krizette Chu thanked President Duterte and make a list of his achievements which according to her: "Duterte has done more for this country than all past presidents after Marcos combined."
Duterte achievements
Here is Chu's entire Facebook post, kindly read.

Thank you, Supreme Leader.

Thank you for authoring the bill, Bam Aquino!

Ngayon may masasabi pa ba ang mga kontrabida eh si Bam ang nag author ng law?

Drug lords falling, free education, subways and other infrastructure to be built, free hospitalization in PGH, terrorism nearly stamped out, farmers are getting the help they need via the DAF, the DSWD is a well-oiled machine, the 911 service, the stocks are through the roof, the DOTR is headed by somebody like Tugade, passports and driver's licenses validity extended so less hassle, OFWs provided a one stop shop and free travel tax, etc, Sec. Mariano gave away all those lands to the farmers, Leila de Lima in jail, and a cause close to my heart, the fallen and wounded soldiers are taken care of, their families accorded help.


Lupig sila.

I will continue fighting for this President with all my mind, heart, body, and soul. And not just in words but in action. I will devote my time and effort to help him bring change to this country. Let's all show our love and gratitude by being proactive members of this country instead of being whiny little bitches.
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Commenters on her Facebook post couldn't keep a mum over this. Some said:

maam totoo talaga na free na ang hospital.ngayon nakaconfine mga 1 week na ang mother in law nang sister ko. FREE AS IN FREE LAHAT SA HOSPITAL .FREE MEDICINE. lalo na at indigent yong pasyente. sabi nong dr at nurse poyde lang cla makauwi kong ok na pasyente makakalakad na ang pasyente. mababait na nag mga hospital workers ngayon sa public hospital DAHIL KY PRES.DUTERTE.
Let this be a slap to those who wanted to oust him.. And may it bear a question on their mind..
"Kung napatalsik ko kaya si duterte, magagawa ko kaya ang mga ito?"
"Will my leadership satisfy the needs and qualms of the fellow filipino?"
nakaka iyak sa tuwa <3 I really thought I was going to live out the best years of my life in a country run by greedy corrupt and evil politicians and greedy, super greedy oligarchs who know nothing but to look down on their fellow Filipinos...until Duterte happened.
As of this writing, Chu's post had reached more than 4,400 different reactions from her Facebook followers.