Cañete on Inquirer's Article About Him and Kian's Slay: Their Editors are Biased and Evil

Assistant City Prosecutor Darwin Cañete of Caloocan City wasn't happy on the article that Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) published last August 20 about him and the killing of Grade 11 student Kian Delos Santos.
Cañete slams Inquirer
The article entitled, "Kian could not be that innocent, says fiscal" draws different reactions from the netizens and even Senator Franklin Drilon commented on Fiscal Cañete's thoughts.

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On Darwin's Musings Facebook page, Fiscal Cañete shared his sentiments over Inquirer's article.

Anyway, let me just post about the Inquirer article. I do not see why my politics is relevant to my thoughts. The suspect isn't even a voter. In what way is my support of the president determinative of my assessment of the crime scene? Yun lang. But I understand the audience of the editor who edited the story. Talagang may spin. So let this be a lesson to anyone supporting the president, kahit walang immediate relevance, Inquirer will inject something to poison your words. Insidious at subtle. Pero meron malice talaga. Take my advice, don't do interviews with them. Their editors are biased and evil. Such is yellow media. Makulong sana yung mga amo niyo for economic sabotage. 😊
darwin canete and inquirer

Delos Santos was among 12 drug suspects killed last Wednesday, August 16, in an anti-crime operation in Caloocan City and Cañete was present during the Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) investigation.

Meanwhile, Senator Drilon in a statement urges DOJ Secretary Vitallano Aguire II to relieve Cañete on his position. Drilon also said Aguirre “should immediately remove Cañete from the case for manifesting partiality and hostility towards the victim.”

The case is seriously prejudiced by Cañete. His frame of mind and line of reasoning are very disturbing. We must never tolerate such behavior of a fiscal that imperils the administration of justice in the country

The administration of justice in the country is better served without the likes of Cañete who are the reason why the public does not trust our justice system.
However, Aguirre responds to Drilon's statement and said he couldn't order the relief of Fiscal Cañete for his remarks on the killing of Delos Santos.

In a statement on Monday, August 21, Aguirre said:

I simply cannot order the relief of Prosecutor Darwin Cañete.

He is not handling the case. No case has yet been filed. How can I relieve a prosecutor from a case which he is not handling? How can I relieve him from handling a case that has yet to be filed?