Grieving Father Slams Alleged Drug Addict Supporters: I Curse All These People

A professor at the Siliman University in Dumaguete and a grieving father, Prof. Niño Piñero, took to social networking site, Facebook, to share his sentiments over the killings of his pregnant daughter and its companion.
justice for Nikki Piñero Loreen Ramirez
SunStar Cebu reported that the daughter of Prof. Piñero, Nikki, 21, and his daughter's companion, Loreen Ramirez, 17, were brutally killed by allegedly high on drugs suspect, Michael Añabesa Manayon, 34.

In a Facebook post, Prof. Piñero slammed the alleged drug addict supporters, for rallying and investigating the death of alleged drug addicts instead of their victims.

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Kindly read his full statement below.

My Nikki Piñero and her unborn child, and to Lorraine Ramirez who were brutally murdered in Siquijor.

Ito ang ginawa ng mga drug addict supporters:

1. Rally sa mga LP.

2. Roman Catholic Bell Ringing every afternoon sa mga drug addict to be save.

3. CHR investigating for the loss of drug addict(s), and

3. Wow sa mga Phil. Senators may investigation for the drug addicts but to the victims no more.

Kitang-kita na kung sino talaga ang mga drug lord dito sa Pilipinas.

I curse all these people that what had happened to me and my family it will happen to you.