LOOK: 8 Inconsistencies In Comelec Chief Andy Bautista's Statements Noticed by a Blogger

Blogger and former journalist at SunStar Davao, RJ Nieto - owner of ThinkingPinoy Facebook page, noticed "more inconsistencies" in Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Chief Andres Bautista's statements. In a report of GMA News, Bautista said the banks accounts that his estranged wife claimed to be his were either closed or fake.
inconsistencies in bautista statement
"Again, I don't know if I have [32] passbooks, you know ang problema dito, these documents were stolen, they have not been given back to me. It's been ten months since this happened," Bautista said in an interview on ANC.

Makikita mo dito sa mga accounts na ito, maraming iba yung amounts, maraming accounts closed.

As I have said again, the 32 passbooks I'm not sure. It is true that our family and myself have deposits with Luzon Development Bank as to the amount I'm not sure. Because as I have said, these bank books were stolen but my SALN truly reflects the statements of assets and liability and net worth on my part.

As you can see from her statement and I've been saying this all along, that there are certain money that are in the names of my father, my mother, my sister, my other siblings and... I was tasked to be like the family treasurer long ago. Even in the 1990s and that they've recognized that I have the capacity in order to invest these money. Even the properties. All the properties that belong to me are in my SALN.
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However, Nieto noticed inconsistencies in the above mentioned statements of Bautista.

Below is the entire Facebook post of Thinking Pinoy about the issue. Kindly read.


In a GMA report, Bautista said that he had already issued letters to the banks involved and they have already confirmed that some accounts were either "closed or they don't exist."

Ok, wait lang.

1. What Bautista didn't clarify, however, is how many of them actually existed. So how many, Andy?

2. Banks punch holes or put markings on passbooks of closed accounts. Clearly, the passbooks do not show any kind of marking that suggests the accounts were closed, so how did Andy "close" those accounts without surrendering the passbooks?

3. Assuming that the accounts were closed without surrendering the passbooks, did Andy execute affidavits of loss for the passbooks?

4. If he indeed executed affidavits of loss, would he be liable for perjury, as the passbooks aren't lost to begin with?

5. Assuming that the passbooks were closed some time after Tisha got them, then at least one of the entries in one of the passbooks must be authentic, so still, why did Andy fail to declare them in his SALN?

6. Is there a printing press somewhere that can clone passbooks, such as those of Luzon Development Bank? Can they also mimic the font and spacing of the machine validation?

Andy also said he is not hiding properties so...

7. Why is Tisha's name not on the property titles?

And by the way, Andy said, "As I have said again, the 32 passbooks I'm not sure. It is true that our family and myself have deposits with Luzon Development Bank as to the amount I'm not sure."

8. Andy, you're a world class finance lawyer and the issue has been brewing for over 48 hours by the time you spoke to the press, yet you're still not sure about the amounts?