Lacson's IG Posts Allegedly Suggest He Received a Massive Shipment of Cement in 2016

DFA Consultant and former SunStar Davao journalist, RJ Nieto, posted screenshots of Instagram posts of Senator Ping Lacson's son that will allegedly verify the claims of resigned Bureau of Customs (BOC) Chief Nicanor Faeldon.
pampi lacson instagram posts
Following the privilege speech of Lacson accusing Faeldon and other top Custom officials of corruption, Faeldon fires back by accusing the senator's son, Panfilo "Pampi" Lacson Jr., as a smuggler.

In a press conference on Thursday, Faeldon said Pampi was involved in large-scale smuggling.

According to him, the younger Lacson only had P20,000 in capital but his company - Bonjourno - was able to import P4.6-billion worth of cement in 67 shiploads.

He also alleged that Lacson's son undervalued the shipments by as much as 50 percent as he only paid $8 per metric ton versus the market price of $16 to $20.

He claimed that according to the Cement Manufacturers' Association of the Philippines, Bonjourno is the biggest cement smuggler.

What's more interesting is when Nieto posted on his Facebook page screenshots of Instagram posts of Pampi that suggest he received a massive shipment of cement in 2016.


Pampi Lacson's instagram posts suggest he indeed received a massive shipment of cement in 2016, consistent with Customs Commissioner Nick Faeldon's claims.

Faeldon said Pampi brought in cement into the country despite having only P20,000 in declared capital, which would have made such the 4.6 billion-peso cement shipment impossible. Faeldon claims Pampi underdeclared his company's capitalization to evade taxes.

Pampi's father is Senator Ping Lacson.


pampi lacson instagram post

Meanwhile, Senator Lacson on Thursday, said his son never bribed, contrary to Faeldon's claims.

I asked my son on the assertion of Faeldon that he was delivering money to the commissioner's office. He said, he has not done so at anytime, he has not met Faeldon. He has absolutely no reason to bribe Faeldon or the Customs Bureau. That's a big big lie.