Look: Presidential Son Hits Senator Trillanes, Calls Him 'Senador Ugok'

On Thursday, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV released documents which, he claimed, proved the presidential son and Davao Vice-Mayor Paolo 'Pulong' Duterte was involved in corruption at the Bureau of Customs (BOC). This was after Mark Taguba claimed that he had paid off “aides” of BOC officials to ease the processing of shipment papers. During the congressional hearing, Taguba mentioned that the supposed aides were part of the so-called “Davao group” that purportedly included someone he identified as “vice mayor.” However, he never tagged the presidential son as the referred vice mayor and even clarified he never met the so-called “vice mayor.”
This is the reason why in a Facebook post, Vice-Mayor Duterte calls Sen. Trillanes 'Senador Ugok'.

Reminder kay Senador Ugok:

Unahin mo muna yang mga nagpapakain sa iyo. Yong mga bomoto sayo kaya naging senador ka. Unahin mo muna silang protektahan bago ang interest mo. O baka nakalimutan mo lang inumin ang gamot mo sa UTAK kaya pumuputak ka na naman? O baka kaya nakahanap ka ng supply mo ng COCA kaya sumasabog na naman utak mo?

tillanes and LP

Meanwhile, President Rodrigo Duterte in a speech during the founding anniversary of the Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao City on Friday, challenged the accusers of his son to produce evidence that he was involved in corruption activities.

If my son was really into it, all you have to do is to produce the paper. Because there are two kinds of evidence, oral pati documentary.

Sabi ko, just give me an affidavit and I will step down as President of this Republic.