See How Netizens Reacts On Bam Aquino's Meme About Kian's Slay, Burn!

On August 21, Senator Bam Aquino visited the wake of the 11th grader, Kian Delos Santos, who was shot dead by the policemen during anti-drug raid in Caloocan City last August 16. He spoke to the family to prepare for his privilege speech about Kian's case.
Bam Aquino's meme
In an interview on ANC, the senator said he doesn't believe allegations made by the police that the teenager was a drug runner. His name was not even on the police's watchlist and the information that Kian is a "courier" came out only after he was killed.

On his official Facebook page, a meme was uploaded and captioned:

Ilan pa bang Kian ang kailangan patayin bago tayo magising? #StopTheKillings
bam aquino stop the killings

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However, commenters couldn't keep a mum over Aquino's post. They said:

netizens reacts on aquinos meme

netizens reacts on aquinos meme 2

Meanwhile, the Senate is set to probe the killing of Delos Santos and the drug war killings on Thursday, August 24.