LOOK: These Facts Will Be Revealed If Kian's Body Will Be Autopsied

The 17-year-old boy's death on August 16 in an anti-crime operation in Caloocan City is a trending news in mainstream and in social media. Kian Delos Santos was among 12 drug suspects killed in an anti-illegal drugs operation. According to his family, Kian was allegedly a victim of an extrajudicial killing. His death has sparked public outrage, prompting calls for an investigation.
Autopsy Kian Delos Santos
One of the last posts of  Caloocan City Assistant Prosecutor Darwin Cañete before his Facebook account was taken down, said:

Kian was not tortured nor hurt contrary to the claim of a supposed witness. There were no marks of physical abuse on the body as can be seen on the photos, too. The family did not want an autopsy to be performed.
Atty. Cañete was present during the SOCO investigation on August 11.

Opinion Columnist at The Manila Times, Sass Sasot, created an interesting post on her Facebook page. She said autopsy of Kian will reveal the following.

Autopsy of Kian will reveal:

1. Distance of the police who shot Kian. The widely circulated story is that it's execution style (shot near) rather than shot at a distance, after engaging with a shoot out with Kian.

2. Whether Kian was tortured and mauled as witnesses claimed.

Assistant City Prosecutor Darwin Cañete was right: PHYSICAL EVIDENCES ARE SILENT BUT ELOQUENT WITNESSES.

We want the truth about what happened to Kian. Let his body speak what happened during that tragic night. #AutopsyKian
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In a separate post, Sasot also explained why is an autopsy of Kian is necessary.


From the Supreme Court decision on Yadao vs. People of the Philippines:

"Wharton and Stilles discussion on the importance of a thorough and painstaking post-mortem examination or assessment of the degree of injury sustained by the victim is highly instructive, it reads:

x x x [a] careful post-mortem examination will usually show the violent cause of death, and it is the duty of the physician whose opinion is desired, to make that examination most carefully, and to base his opinion entirely upon the findings of this examination; not upon previous notions of the probable nature and effects of the wound. Moreover, it is necessary not merely to make an examination of the regions apparently involved in the injury, but also a thorough examination of the entire body; for, notwithstanding the immediate cause of death may be evident, it is still advisable to be sure that there was no cause of death in any other part."

Those who are against the autopsy of Kian is not allowing the full truth to be told. Full stop.
Meanwhile, several protests are scheduled today, August 21, to condemn the killing of Delos Santos.

According to the report of CNN Philippines, it was organized by the Liberal Party-Youth and supported by other sectors.

The rally will also mark the 46th anniversary of the Plaza Miranda bombing, where the senatorial slate of the Liberal Party was attacked during a proclamation rally.