This is How a Foreign Cabin Crew Burns Leni with Good Compliments About Duterte

On March 30, 2017, Vice President Leni Robredo flew to South Africa to a attend a women's conference. She was invited as the keynote speaker on the said event. In line with this, a Facebook post from Drench Paradise is went viral after he shared a story about Robredo that entertained the netizens, specially those who are not a fan of the Vice President.
cabin crew story about Robredo
Late chika mga ka DDS.

This is about my Cabin Crew friend's colleague's story when Leni was aboard Qatar Airways from Africa(remember?).

When a foreign head cabin crew learned that the Vice President of the Philippines was onboard, he approached her and congratulated her for the good things that are happening in the Philippines and for having an effective president. The Filipino staff were all giggling inside! Nasampal ang VP ng katotohanan lol 🤣🤣🤣!

READ ALSO: This Survey Shows How Loving and Caring President Duterte to the Filipinos In the comment section of his post, Paradise said the story he posted was real. He also said that when the Head Cabin Crew was informed that Robredo is from the opposition, "he was so embarrassed and decided not to say anything anymore."

As of this writing, his Facebook post had reached more than 600 shares and 3,400 different reactions from the netizens.

Source: Drench Paradise/Facebook and Rappler