Trillanes' Critic Reveals the Advantages of Letting Him Stay in the Senate

Instead of ousting Senator Antonio Trillanes IV in the senate, a netizen revealed the advantages if the senator will just let them stay. Apple Jolo, a critic of Trillanes, shared her thoughts in line with the ethics complaint filed by Senator Dick Gordon against the senator.
According to Jolo, it might be advantageous for the majority to keep Trillanes rather than removing him the spot on the senate.

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Kindly read Jolo's full statement below.

Faeldon and Trillanes are both involved in the failed Oakwood mutiny. Asked by Tulfo if Trillanes is really the "pinakamatapang" in the group, Faeldon simply laughed.

On the issue of having him expelled from Senate, I don't know, I want him to stay there until he bleeds his nose dry. If you take him down now, the opposition will use that to paint the Philippines as a country led by a dictator who erases his critics in both Houses. That's what they want, remember. The bastard can claim political persecution on the basis that he faced expulsion because he opened a door for balance in the administration. His case is different from Leila's.
Take him off the radar, you don't know just how far his diabolic mind can cook up a plan to oust the President. I know, so many of us want him out but be mindful that being an elected Senator, even if he's a loose cannon, still renders him responsible for his actions and gives him the burden of facing graver charges if he tries to spark rebellion as a sitting public official.

I say let him destroy his political career by giving him the gun and letting him shoot his own head off. No blood on our hands.

That's another unpopular opinion from me. Things may ricochet if we do not practice foresight. And yes, if you delete him, the Senate will be missing its designated clown.