Director to Duterte critics: It does hurt a lot to see someone you abhor succeed

President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday afternoon declared that Marawi City has been freed from the Maute group. Filipinos were happy with the President's announcement and took to social media to share their thoughts on this victory.
Manuel Castaneda
However, prominent movie Director Manuel Castaneda rebuked the critics of President Duterte for being bitter on his success.

Here's Castaneda full statement on the said issue that was posted on his Facebook account. It already generated more than 1,500 shares and 4,000 different reactions from the netizens. Kindly read.

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The yellow leaders and followers insist that the liberation of Marawi City is due to the military alone and nothing else. Some would blatantly emphasize that Pres. Duterte had no contribution to its success in any manner whatsoever.

I think they have ignored the fact that the president is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and as such, the military consulted with Pres. Duterte in every step of the way during the battle. Furthermore, he visited the war zone on a regular basis to personally see and supervise the development. Unlike Noynoy Aquino, who at the height of the Mamasapano encounter left everything in the hands of a suspended, inept, and corrupt general. And like a useless senorito, he just stayed in the comforts of the palace.

Also, did they not notice that Pres. Duterte constantly met with the soldiers to boost their morale? And when in battle, soldiers were aptly provided with the necessary military support and assistance. As a result, our soldiers became more prepared, confident and patriotic as well. Our soldiers went to war not because it was a just a job but more because of love for their country. Whereas Noynoy Aquino haphazardly threw the SAF in Mamasapano like hurling raw meat in a lion’s den. He probably just saw them as mere bodies that were hired to serve a master.

We all know what happened next and why.

Lastly, Pres. Duterte mourned the death of every single soldier who perished in the war in Marawi. He acknowledged the sacrifices they have done. He honored them on behalf of all the Filipinos. In contrast to Noynoy Aquino who unashamedly ignored the arrival of the 44 massacred SAF soldiers and gave more priority to a social event where he was the center of attention and not some dead bodies. In effect, Noynoy Aquino ruthlessly deprived the SAF 44 the honor and respect they deserved.

I ask. Does it hurt so much to give credit where credit is due? Or does it hurt them so much that the person they abhor has done something right? I guess it does.

It does hurt a lot to see someone you abhor succeed. I think it is called bitterness.

(Note: I may sound like a Duterte apologist but I would much rather be considered an Aquino antagonist. Hehehe.)