Duterte's brilliant advise to the children of Davao City went viral!

President Rodrigo Duterte's advise to the children of the Center for Brighter Beginnings Inc. (CBB) at the Davao Convention and Trade Center in Davao City on October 27, went viral as he told them not to give their parents any problem.
President Rodrigo Duterte
PTV News reported that during the 25th founding anniversary of CBB, the President said:

Alam mo anak, alam mo bakit minsan nakikita ninyo ako nagagalit sa TV? Kasi yung mga bad people, ayaw ko sila dito sa mundong ito. Kaya gusto ko silang mawala para wala ng gugulo sa buhay ninyo (You know my child, you know why you see me angry on TV? Because of the bad people, I don’t like them here in this world. So I want them gone so that no one will make trouble)
He also shared his dream for the children of the Philippines to have a peaceful place to live in the future.

At pag lumaki na kayo kagaya ng mama mo pati papa, ang buhay ninyo ay hindi masyadong problem. Walang gulo, walang mag-snatch, walang mag-kidnap (And when you grow up like your mama and your papa, you will not be in trouble, no more snatching, no one will kidnap).
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He also added,

Yung hindi matino eh magkakaroon tayo ng problema dyan. Magagalit talaga ako (Those who are not good we will have problem with that)

Sabi ng iba, bad boy daw ako kasi sinasaktan ko daw yung mga taong masama at minsan sabi nila, pinapadala ko sila sa heaven, mauna na sila sa atin kaya ganun (Some people say I am a bad boy because I hurt bad people and they said I send them to heaven, so they go ahead of us).
He then stressed his vow of protecting the people and the country is the same when he was the mayor of Davao City.

Ganun din ang sinabi ko (That is also what I said). Do not destroy my country and do not destroy our only assets in this planet, our children.
Meanwhile, PTV's report was shared more than 15,000 times as of this writing.