Military to GMA's report about "Bugbog-sarado" Maute member: Responsible journalism please

Remember the exclusive video of GMA News' 24 Oras dated October 26, where the reporter said an alleged Maute-ISIS member was beaten by the soldiers?
Maute bugbog sarado
A Facebook post from Inside Military Forum page speaks up on the said issue and claimed that the "exaggeration and sensationalism is strong" on this report.

According to their post, they reviewed the video frame by frame and talked to people who witnessed the incident as soon as it came out.

Here's their findings and their sentiments over GMA News' viral report.

The exaggeration and sensationalism is strong on this one.

We reviewed this video frame by frame and talked to people who witnessed the incident as soon as it came out 3 days ago.

The video, shows a captured Maute Daesh Terrorist who was believed to have been involved in the mutilation of one soldier being surrounded by army scout rangers.

Overheard multiple times the soldiers says "wag ka mag alala mabubuhay ka", while others shout for "medic" to come and conduct first aid support.

Most soldiers were shouting at him, and shouting does not constitute physical harm.

While it is also true, there were few who were mad and tried to kick him, he was actually protected by other soldiers who brought the terrorist inside the Tactical Command Post for interrogation.

The viral news inaccurately depicts the soldiers as "nambugbog sarado" when the video says otherwise. One or two kicks and punches does not constitute a "bugbog sarado."

Responsible journalism please.
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On the comment section of their post, you will see Inside Military Forum Facebook page replying to some commenters.

Meanwhile, here's the viral video report of GMA News on the said issue. Please watch.