Netizen to Trillanes who wants scholarship for children of slain servicemen: Nagpapabango sa Military?

On October 22, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said he was pushing for a law which would provide educational assistance and benefits to dependents of soldiers and law enforcement officers who were either injured or killed in the line of duty.
In a report of GMA News, Trillanes via emailed statement said:

Our uniformed and law enforcement personnel place their lives on the line every day.

It is, thus, only fair for the government to give preference and priority to their welfare and of their families, especially when something untoward happens in the performance of their duty.
However, Krizette Laureta Chu, social media influencer and prominent supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, slammed Trillanes and said,


Matagal nang meron. TAWAG KA SA AFP EBSO office. The children of KIA (and WIA, in some cases), and sometimes even siblings, of soldiers get scholarships.

More info: AFPEBSO has been an office under the AFP since 2006.They also partner with schools and private organizations provide scholarships for them.

If I am not mistaken the current AFP EBSO budget is 10k a year for children in grade school and 15 or 20k a year for college students.
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Chu advised Trillanes on what he should do as a Senator to improve the current benefits for the children of slain servicemen.

Now what you should push as a Senator is to enlarge the amount. Or as Senator, create a body that streamlines the process because as of now iba iba ang offices for different active personnel for AFP, PNP.

GRABE tong sundalong to, di man lang alam na meron. Sabagay, taga LA SALLE/ MIRIAM ang mga anak. Not the kind to need scholarships.

Maka feeling hero lang.

As of this writing, Chu's post had generated more than 300 shares and 4,000 different reactions from the netizens.