WATCH: Pres. Duterte respond to the letter of a 6th grade student from the USA

President Rodrigo Duterte on October 28, respond to the request of the 11-year-old Filipino-American boy from Fresno, California, USA. The Philippine President through the help of Special Assistant to the President Christopher Bong Go, sends a video message to Andre Gabriel Custodio Esteban, the 6th Grade student at Fresno Adventist Academy.
Duterte message to pupil
According to Esteban, he's a proud Filipino and really likes Pres. Duterte. He's also interested in talking about the President in their class.

He also asked for a special favor to greet him, his teacher, and classmates which the President granted in a video message.

I know that you are very busy because you are a hardworking President and I admire you greatly. But can I ask you a special favor? Can you please send me a short video of you saying hello to my teacher, Mrs. Ricchiuti (Ri-kyu-ti), my classmates and I?
Below is the actual letter of Esteban to President Duterte.

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Meanwhile, here's President Duterte's video message for Esteban. Please watch.

Hello, Andre. Your letter reached the President and he gladly agreed to your request. Rest assured that PRRD is working hard to build a brighter future for children like you. We also hope to meet you in person here in the Philippines soon. We are confident that you will do great in your report. Hope this helps. God bless you, Andre.
Posted by Christopher Bong Go on Friday, October 27, 2017