Pro-Duterte Blogger to Trillanes: Sue me, goddamn idiot

The October 30 column of Pilipino Star Ngayon (PSN) editor-in-chief Al Pedroche about the supposed remark wherein US President Donald Trump supposedly called Senator Antonio Trillanes IV "the lil narco who met with Marco" after meeting with Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, immediately went viral. Social media blogger and the man behind Thinking Pinoy Facebook page, RJ Nieto, also made a report about this.
Please refer to the screenshot below.

According to Philstar, Pedroche issued an apology and said Trump has not made any official remark on the visit of Trillanes to the US last month. Trillanes accepted Pedroche's apology and still waiting for STAR business columnist Mary Ann Reyes and Nieto's apology for using the same "fake news".

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However, Nieto refused to apologize to Trillanes for citing Pedroche's article. In a Facebook post, he said:


Dear Senator Trillanes,

The Philippine Star reported that you will file a case against me if I refuse to apologize to you for citing a Philstar article.

Let me inform you right now that I refuse to apologize so please do file a case.

And by the way, how will you fund the case, using public funds?

You really are one goddamn idiot.

He also asked:

So tell me, Mr. Trillanes, the exact sentence I said that you think I should apologize for.

I excitedly look forward to your genius reply.

P. S. Philippine Star, payag kayong matawag ni Trillanes na Fake News?
As of this writing, Nieto's post had reached more than 2,100 shares with over 30,000 different reactions from his Facebook followers.